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100% safe storage and mini warehouses

Doble control de accesos con una contraseña única para cada cliente.
Tu self storage quedará cerrado con tu candado de última generación.
Central Trasteros está equipado con equipos de seguridad certificados y de última generación.
Nuestras instalaciones disponen de modernas instalaciones de prevención, detección y extinción de incendios.
Para acceder a tu mini almacén, los pasillos son amplios y con la máxima accesibilidad.
Tus trastos estarán asegurados por una cobertura básica de seguro multirriesgo self storage.

Double access control    

Here at Central Trasteros we do not only wish that the use of your storage is  as comfortable and easy as possible. We also want you to feel safe at all times. Your safety and that of your things are our priority.

That is why, among other security measures, we have a double access control: a first one to enter the enclosure from the street and a second control to access the storage area where you find your storage unit or mini warehouse. These anti vandalism equipment of access control allow us to control and manage properly the users  accessing the facilities of Central Trasteros.

Nobody without this unique, personal and non-transferable access code will enter Central Trasteros. You can rest easy.

In addition, each user has a unique safety lock on the door of their storage or mini warehouse, which reinforces the access control of your space. Unless we leave your keys in key holding, only you will have the keys to open the lock, especially designed for this kind of facility.

Modern surveillance devices

Our facilities are equipped with homologated, latest generation safety devices, which operate continuously 24 hours a day.

Central Trasteros has a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) with security cameras hight definition and digital recorder, which records all the time what happens inside, both day and night since they are equipped with IR night vision system, and takes records for appropriate  verification.

Moreover, the entire enclosure has a homologated intrusion tamper alarm, which is connected to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) and communicated with the security forces.

This is about as safe as a high security prison!

Fire protection

Here at Central Trasteros we comply with all strict current regulations and enforcement in protecting our facilities and we have modern equipment for prevention, detection and fire fighting.

Our facilities are properly marked and consist of the following equipment and components, according to our facilities: fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, optical smoke detectors, fire doors, fireproof structure, fire alarm connected to the ARC, intumescent pillows, sprinklers, etc.  

In short, we have all necessary equipment and those required by legislation, to ensure your safety and that of your goods.

You can rest assured that our self-storage centre is certified by agencies and authorities.

The best protection… The certified one!

Comprehensive insurance coverage

If you decide to rent a mini warehouse or storage unit at Central Trasteros, you will have a basic comprehensive insurance coverage for the materials deposited in your space. The amount of coverage varies depending on the size of the unit.

Despite the security measures and state of the art equipment installed on our facilities, we want you to feel even more confident when you leave your belongings in Central Trasteros and thus we have included this basic coverage.

The security of your belongings and your peace of mind come first for us!