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Central Trasteros: Self Storage in Barcelona city

Central Trasteros: Su trastero o mini almacén al lado de casa en el centro de Barcelona.
Zona de parking de carga y descarga
Tenemos trasteros de cualquier tamaño, aquí los económicos trasteros Box.
Seguridad de última generación: Doble acceso, alarma, antiincendios...
Otros servicios que ofrecemos: Transporte, mudanzas, mensajería/paquetería, espacios de co-working...
En nuestro local tienes todo tipo de materiales de almacenaje: Cajas, estanterías, escalera...
¿Necesitas ayuda con la mudanza? ¡Organízala con Central Trasteros!

Storage and mini warehouses near you, next to your home or workplace

With Central Trasteros, forget about wasting time and spending money driving kilometres away to drop off or pick up your things on your storage unit or mini warehouse. We are in the heart of Barcelona. Our facilities are easily accessible by car or van if you need so, or if you prefer, you can also quickly reach us by public transport, cycling or walking.

Those are the benefits of being in the city centre!

Our modern facilities are clean, comfortable and safe. You will have the feeling of being in a room in own your home or office. Our facilities are all in one level, without having to climb uncomfortable stairs or  to use the elevator to move around the site.

We want you to feel at home!

Solutions for every need

Our practical system of modular storage units  and mini warehouses allows us to have a large variety of sizes. We are sure that you will find one for you or your company. We have a storage room for you whether you only need to keep the clothes that you do not use or your tools, as well as saving the contents of an apartment or office. If you want to see them for yourself, come and we will show you around.

To help you determine how much space you are looking for, we have developed a calculator which, based on your needs, allows us to make a fully customized proposal that we will finish setting when you visit our facilities. We  have modules from 1m ³ to 25m ³ capacity, sure there is a perfect one for you.

Completely safe and accessible

Your storage or mini warehouse is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year  thanks to the personal and non-transferable access code that we will provide you with. You can access your belongings whenever you need to without relying on others or public opening hours to grant you access.

 It’s really convenient and practical!

Our facilities include the latest generation security and surveillance systems, with Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), an alarm system connected to Alarm Reach Centre (ARC) and specific fire detection and prevention equipment. Nothing and nobody escapes from  our security systems!

Moreover, if you rent one of our storage modules you will have included the basic comprehensive insurance coverage for the goods that you store with us. You can rest easy with Central Trasteros.

Central Trasteros has a limited loading and unloading area within the enclosure, also accessible 24 hours, allowing you to comfortably drop off or pick up your  goods with total privacy and security. You will not have to park or load/unload your belongings in the street.

More services

Thanks to our experience, in Central Trasteros you can rely on our advice to protect and store your goods in our facilities at the lowest possible cost or to help you organize your move. We are there for anything you need. Always contact us when you need to.

We know that when you need a storage unit or mini warehouse, you usually also need boxes, shelving or other packing material. You have to protect what you value and we can provide you with the right elements for it. You will be surprised to see our wide range of products.

Or maybe you need special services such as key holding or mail reception. Do not worry, you can count on us for it.

We offer additional services that we provide through regular partner companies:  Transport, moves, destruction of documents, courier / parcel, co-working spaces, etc.

If you need a service currently not provided by Central Trasteros and related to the use of your storage space, do not hesitate to contact us.

We’re here to help!