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24 hour access storage and mini warehouses

Disponibilidad las 24 horas los 365 dias del año. ¡Ven cuando quieras tu self storage!
Alarma de detección de intrusiones que está conectado a Central Receptora de Alarmas (CRA) y comunicada con la policía.
En Central Trasteros contamos con las mejores medidas de seguridad.
Seguridad, limpieza y orden, los pilares básicos nuestros trasteros en alquiler.

Come to Central Trasteros whenever you need

Do not see yourself limited to opening hours or depend on third parties to access your belongings. We know your time is a scarce and valuable resource, so you can access your storage unit or mini warehouse whenever you need and when it suits you.

You can also access our facilities during public opening hours, in which our staff is happy to help you. You can check these opening hours by contacting us.

We are here to help!

Unique, personal and non-transferable access code

Each client at Central Trasteros has a unique access code, personal and  non-transferable, that will grant access to different parts of the enclosure and will allow you to reach your storage or mini  warehouse at any time of day.

It is like your Central Trasteros ID!

Access safely

The unique access code ensures that only the customers of Central Trasteros can enter our facilities.

Our site also has a state of the art security system that is operational 24hrs (as Central Trasteros!): CCTV security cameras, alarm connected to ARC, fire prevention and detection systems and lighting equipment for presence detection.

Remember that we are located right in the heart of Barcelona, a quiet and safe area and that you can access Central Trasteros at any time of day.

Our storage units  and mini  warehouses are designed to offer customers a private, comfortable, accessible and safe experience at all times. Whether you come during public opening hours or any other time of the day, we have diaphanous, clean, safe and well-lit facilities.

Opening Hours

Central Trasteros – Eixample
Monday to tuesday 09-19h
Friday 09-15h
Previous appointment every day
Central Trasteros – Lesseps
Monday to tuesday 09-19h
Friday 09-15h
Previous appointment every day
Central Trasteros – Vía Augusta
Monday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m
MMonday to tuesday 09-19h
Friday 09-15h
Previous appointment every day