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Self-Storage for freelancers

¿Te falta espacio en tu casa u oficina? Trasteros y mini almacenes para autónomos y profesionales liberales.
Zona de parking de carga y descarga con todo tipo de ayudas para transportar tus cajas y trastos hacia tu mini almacén.
Buscamos las mejores soluciones para ti y tu negocio, escuchar a nuestros clientes es una motivación para nosotros.

Your equipment and your tools, a step away

If you are self-employed or a freelance professional, in Central Trasteros  you will find your perfect ally: you will reduce costs and wasted time and will gain security and tranquillity for your business.

We have practical and inexpensive storage units and mini warehouses where you can store your equipment, your files or your tools easily and with maximum safety.

We have different sized modules, with spaces from 1m ³ capacity. Pay just for the space you really need, no more no less. With our calculator you’ll have a rough idea of ​​your space needs.

Near your home, business or workplace. Our storage units and mini warehouses are located in the heart of Eixample, in the center of Barcelona, so you can access your goods quickly, safely and easily 24 hours a day.

Do not waste time with long drives or risk getting your work equipment stolen. We know how valuable your time and goods are.

Load and unload your vehicle safely

We have a loading and unloading area within our facilities at Central Trasteros and therefore you can load and unload your files, equipment or tools safely and without leaving anything in the street.

Our airy, clean and brightly lit facilities are on one level, so you can load and unload your vehicle and move quickly and easily within the enclosure. In the loading and unloading area you will find auxiliary elements to carry your goods to your storage unit or mini warehouse. 

 We want you to feel comfortable with us!

Your business grows with us

At Central Trasteros, listening to our customers is a motivation for us and part of our daily activity. We seek the best solutions for you and your business.

We can offer personalized advice to determine how much storage space you require and provide a budget that fits your needs. We are specialists in logistic services that can help you in your day to day.

We also have a great number of additional services for all of our users, especially designed for professionals like you: key holding, mail reception or packing material.

However, if you have any suggestions, please contact us. We’re all ears!