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Convenient and practical storage for companies

¿No sabes dónde guardar todo el archivo de vuestra oficina? ¡Contáctanos, somos tu self storage!
Guarda todo el archivo final de tu empresa/oficina en uno de nuestros mini almacenes.
Trasteros con total seguridad, todo el material de tu empresa estará seguro en Central Trasteros.
Encontrás todas las facilidades para poder transportar cómodamente tus cajas a tu mini almacén.
Queremos ser una parte más de tu empresa o negocio, ¡contáctanos!

A storage unit or mini warehouse tailored to your company or business

Whatever your needs of space and time are, at Central Trasteros, we have  a storage unit or mini warehouse especially designed for your company or business. Whether you only need a place to temporarily store your files or if you need a large place to store your stock, you can count on us. Optimize the space of your company or business, and use it for what really adds value and reduces costs.

We have storage units and mini warehouses of various sizes and prices, comfortable and accessible 24 hours a day. We have spaces up to 25m ³ capacity. You can use our storage space calculator to get an idea your requirements, but if you contact our team of professionals, they  will help you find the solution that best fits your requirements. We are here to listen and to help!

Your goods and files, safe 24 hours a day

Central Trasteros  provides safe mini warehouses and storage units that are also comfortable, clean, well lit and located in a quiet area in the centre of Barcelona. Each user has a unique, personal, and non-transferable code to access the site and a unique safety lock for your storage unit  or mini warehouse.

 Your belongings will be safe with us!

Our facilities are equipped with modern prevention and fire detection devices, security system and access control, so that your goods and files will be safe at all times with us.

 We take care of them as if they were our own!

Access your storage unit quickly and conveniently

Our storage rooms are located in the centre of Barcelona, ​​very close to your company or business, in an area that is easily accessible by car, public transport or on foot. We have a loading and unloading area for vehicles within our facilities and auxiliary elements such as carts or ladders to facilitate these tasks.

Our job is to make it easy for you!

As all storage modules in Central Trasteros  are on one floor, the access to our facilities is convenient, fast, and simple.

Do not climb any more stairs or take lifts to get to your storage unit or mini warehouse!

We want to be just another part of your company or business

If needed, in addition to being the final file storage or external store of your company or business, among other services,  we can also keep the keys to your storage unit or mini warehouse so that only authorized personnel can access it, as well as receiving your postal mail at Central Trasteros.

We will be happy to accommodate your requests regarding other services that we are not offering nowadays and that you may think that we should provide. We listen, you can count on us.