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Storage for private users

Central Trasteros ofrece soluciones de self storage en el centro de la ciudad de Barcelona.
Nuestras instalaciones están preparadas para oferecerte la mejor experiencia y comodidad en alquiler de trasteros en Barcelona.
Nuestros trasteros son 100% seguros con las más modernas tecnologías de seguridad.
Nos puedes encontrar en pleno centro de Barcelona ciudad, en el tranquilo barrio del Eixample.
Te oferecemos todo tipo de soluciones de almacenaje en self storage: Cajas, plástico de burbujas para embalar, estanterías...¡y mucho más!

Your storage unit, near home and accessible 24 hours

Store with us everything  that is valuable to you, just as if you kept  it in your own home but without  occupying all that space that you need. Free up space at home. Your bike, your collections, out of season clothes, toys, skis, your paintings, books and notes…

So many little treasures!

In Central Trasteros you have your own space in the centre of the city, very close to home and perfectly accessible 24 hours. Forget about having to move to the outskirts of Barcelona to access your belongings and all that hassle.

Central Trasteros is located in the heart of Barcelona, ​​in a busy neighbourhood that certainly  guarantees quick and easy access anytime of the day or night. You can come by car, foot or public transport.

We are always open and near everywhere!

High security system for your storage

As a Central Trasteros user, you will have a unique, personal, non-transferable access code, which enables you to access your storage at any time of day. Our two security doors only open with this code and, to increase security even more, each module has its own specific high security padlock.

The latest generation of security and surveillance systems, and prevention and fire detection in our facilities will make you and your goods feel protected at Central Trasteros.

Central Trasteros is located in a single floor building with clean, airy and well-lit spaces, that is why our facilities are also safe, comfortable and accessible. You can easily navigate through our site and carry your stuff with complete relief.

In Central Trasteros we will break away from the cliché that a storage room is a dark and insecure site!

The space that you need in Barcelona

Our facilities have a wide range of storage rooms of different sizes to suit your needs, from 1 m3 capacity. You can use our calculator to know how much space you are looking for or contact us for advice.

And do not expect to find your storage space far from home. They are here in Barcelona, ​​in the centre of the city.

Packing Material

We have the best selection of packing and handling products for using in your storage unit, moving process or during the building works at home. We can provide all kinds of materials: boxes, shelves, cases, protectors, gloves…

It is very important for you to protect what you value and we can provide you with the right elements to do so. You can’t even imagine how many different items  we have in our specific packaging catalogue! Do not hesitate to ask when you come by your storage unit, by phone or through this website.

As long as you need

We want to be the storage unit of your house forever. If you need a permanent storage space, it is possible in Central Trasteros and we will be happy about it.

But we also have spaces for short periods of time that you can use as storage in those moments that it becomes so necessary:  moves or transfers, building works at home, etc. If needed, we can be your support and help you completing your move. Let’s talk!