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Access and loading and unloading area for vehicles

Accede a tu self sotrage con la máxima privacidad y seguridad en la zona de carga y descarga.
Dejarás tu vehículo en nuestro parking de carga y descarga.
Una vez dentro de Central Trasteros, podrás hacer uso de carretillas o escaleras para transportar tus cajas o trastos.
Central Trasteros se encuentra en tranquilo barrio de Barcelona del Eixample (Metro L1 - Arc de Triomf).

Enter with your vehicle in the heart of the city

You will not have to drive many kilometers away to access your storage unit or mini warehouse, as we are already in the centre of Barcelona.

Although you can walk here because we are near your home or workplace, in Central Trasteros you can also come with your own vehicle if you need it to bring or pick up your goods. You will do it quickly and safely within our facilities, using the loading and unloading area that  we offer you.

Your vehicle may remain in the loading and unloading area as long as you need to drop off or pick up your things from  your storage or mini warehouse. But remember that Central Trasteros is not a car park and there are many users who may need this loading and unloading area.

Auxiliary elements

In order to move or manipulate your things in a fast and convenient way, you will find in the loading and unloading area auxiliary elements  such as: cart, ladder and trash cans.

There is also a toilet at your disposal in our facilities.

We want to make you feel at ease!

Safe loading and unloading

Thanks to our security systems at Central Trasteros, you, your vehicle and your belongings will be completely safe at all times  in this loading and unloading area as well as in the rest of the enclosure.

No one will see from the outside what is being loaded or unloaded, as the vehicle door closes automatically once you have entered Central Trasteros by vehicle.

You do not have to worry about closing the door!

Remember that our loading and unloading area, as our storage units and mini warehouses, is accessible 24 hours a day thanks to the unique and personal security code that grants entrance to each user.

Your safety comes first for us!