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Our site, like most sites on the Internet, and third-party use cookies to enhance your user experience. Here we explain what cookies are, what type of cookies we use and how you can disable cookies on your browser.

What are cookies? What are they ? Why are they important?

A cookie is a small text file that is downloaded to the browser on your computer, mobile phone, tablet or any other device to access the Internet when you visit a website.

Cookies are used to recognize the device when you revisit the site, making it easier to use to remember your preferences and navigation settings (ie language, country, currency, data access, etc.. ). Also facilitate certain functionality (eg. Related show content of the pages you visit, avoid continually show you ads you've seen, ads etc. ) and allow us to gather anonymous statistical information about the user navigation by site .

Other technologies such as web beacons ( "pixel tags" ), web bugs ( " web bugs " ), web storage, and other files and similar technologies can also perform the same function as the cookies. We use the term "cookie " to refer to all similar technologies to collect information in this regard.

Cookies do not store any personal data or any information that can identify you, and are useful and important because they allow the web to work in a flexible and tailored to your preferences.

Why use them ?

We use cookies required for the provision of certain specifically requested by the user ( registration management, logon data to distinguish free services possible payment service, etc.). Services.

If these cookies are disabled, they can not properly receive some content and services.

We also use cookies analytical measurement, for statistical analysis of site traffic, anonymously track the browsing behavior of all users, audience in certain areas or to a particular campaign, etc. ..

We also use cookies for advertising management of advertising space based on criteria such as frequency of display (to avoid continually show you ads you've already seen ), geographic location ( to show ads that might interest by proximity ) to show ads related with the content of the pages you visit ( ads that may interest you by theme ), for information on the results of the advertising campaigns of our sites, etc .

If these cookies are disabled the site may continue to function, but advise and welcome to remain, as the information captured by such use of cookies on our website and on the success of the ads displayed on it is important to to improve the content and services that we offer ( we are not responsible for the deactivation of these cookies may impede the proper functioning of the pages) .

Types we use cookies

  • Cookies preferences .
    These cookies allow us to know if you have visited our website before. Retain user's browsing preferences such as your language preference, country, city, coin, etc. .
  • Cookies registration and session state .
    These cookies store information needed during the session and the changes associated with it, and determine if you are registered or not on the web. They are used to identify your user account and its associated services. These cookies are maintained until you leave the session, close your browser or turn off the device.
  • Cookies performance improvement .
    Retain your preferences for certain tools or services do not have to configure each time you visit our site. In some cases they may be provided by third parties. Some examples are: volume of media players, management preferences of articles, video playback speeds, etc.. For e-commerce sites, can keep information about your shopping cart .
  • Cookies geolocation .
    These cookies, of third parties are used for programs that attempt to geographically locate the position of the device you are connected (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.. ) To provide completely anonymously contents and services according to your location .
  • Cookies meter ( statistical measurement ) .
    These third party cookies ( Google Analytics, ComScore, etc.. ) To quantify the number of visitors and statistically analyzing the users' browsing our website, and improve the supply of content, products or services we offer.
  • Cookies for the management of advertising space .
    Are third-party cookies ( Google DoubleClick, Google AdSense, Criteo, Ligatus, etc.. ) Allowing effectively manage advertising space on our site, tailoring ad content to the contents of the visited page or service requested, and frequency display as use and navigate the user to perform anywhere.
  • Other third party cookies.
    On some pages you can install third-party cookies support to manage and improve the services they offer. An example of this use are the cookies of other ad networks or social networks to share our content .

How to configure browsers to accept / block / delete cookies ?

You can configure your Internet browser to accept or block cookies, erase cookies already installed, or set it to automatically erased when you close your browser, computer or device. If block them, you may need certain services that use longer function correctly .

These settings are usually found in the "Options" or " Preferences " menu of the main browsers ( for more information please consult the support pages or Help for each browser) :

  • Internet Explorer: Tools - > Internet Options -> Privacy - > Settings.
  • Firefox : Tools - > Options - > Privacy - > History -> Custom Settings.
  • Chrome: Settings -> Show Advanced Options -> Privacy -> Content Settings .
  • Safari: Preferences - > Security

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