Storage Functioning Storage and mini warehouse functioning

In a few steps, we explain how to use privately your storage or mini warehouse in Central Trasteros. It's fast, easy and totally safe.

Whether you walk here or arrive by vehicle, in order to enter our facilities you  will have to enter your personal code on the first access control that you find next to the pedestrian gate leading into the centre. Once the code has been entered correctly, the security gate will open automatically and you can access Central Trasteros (to the loading and unloading area).

Once you are in the loading and unloading area , if you arrive in Central Trasteros by vehicle, you will be able to operate the automatic gateway opening to park in this area and load or unload your goods inside our facilities.

In the loading and unloading area, there are auxiliary elements that will help your moving or handling your stuff: cart, ladder, trash containers, etc..

Whether you walked here or arrived by car, in order to access the storage area from the loading and unloading area, you will have to go through the second access control. This second security door opens automatically once you have entered your personal code again.

Once in the storage area, you will have to go to your storage unit or mini warehouse, which is identified with the corresponding number and that you can access once you open the security lock that blocks the opening and of which only you have a key.

When your belongings have been deposited or picked up, and after having closed and locked the door with the security lock, in order to leave Central Trasteros you will have to undo the path of entry towards the loading and unloading area.

From the loading and unloading area, you can exit directly to the street through the pedestrian door if you walked here or through the automatic vehicle gateway if you came with your vehicle.

As you can see, the procedure to enter Central Trasteros and access your storage or mini storage safely is very simple and convenient. Even a child can do it!

 In addition, our security systems (alarm connected to CRA and Closed Circuit Television) and fire prevention and detection are conveniently activated at all times. During your stay in Central Trasteros, the facilities are always well lit, clean and conditioned. You and your belongings are completely safe  here.

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