Inexpensive, practical and modular Practical and inexpensive modular spaces

Your storage unit, at the best price

In Central Trasteros we are aware that you need to spend as little money as possible to store your goods and we are able to respond to this need. Do not worry, we have the cheapest storage units.

Our broad range of modules allows us to offer different prices, with prices set according to available capacity and specific characteristics of each storage unit or mini warehouse. Visit us if you want to take a close look at the available storage spaces.

Also, remember that with us, you only pay for the time you occupy your storage or mini warehouse. Neither more nor less.

We have the extra space solution you are looking for, at the best price and right in the heart of Barcelona!


Modules of all sizes

Not everyone needs a storage unit or mini warehouse with the same dimensions and so we offer you modular spaces with very different sizes and features depending on your needs. With capacities from 1m ³.

If over time you need more or less space, do not worry. Subject to availability, you can move to a new storage unit that fits your new needs.

If you need to calculate how much space you need to store your belongings or your goods, you probably already know our calculator and you can "mess around" with it for a while or you can also contact us directly to give you professional advice.

It will be easy to make you a tailored suit!


Private users, companies and freelancers

Not all customers are equal and have the same needs. We are fully aware of this and that's why we offer such a practical self-storage solution.

Therefore, in addition to providing modular space, we have specific services for each user profile: private users, companies and freelancers or professionals. Not all customers looking for extra storage space need the same services.

If you need a custom proposal or need a storage unit with some peculiarity, or just want to get advise from professionals of self-storage, do not hesitate to contact us so we can study your case and come up with the best solution.

We are at your service!

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Inexpensive storage units in the Barcelona city