Additional services Additional services and packing materials

Besides offering flexible, economical and practical spaces, we know that there are other services that you may need to optimize the use of your storage unit or mini warehouse. We offer:

Packing materials

Boxes, shelves, cases, locks ... everything to protect your belongings

We share your concern about protecting what you value and we can provide you with the right elements for that protection. Otherwise, you would not be leaving your belongings somewhere as safe as Central Trasteros.

Whether for use in your storage unit, moving processes, or during building works  at home or in your office, we have the best selection of packing and sorting products. We can provide all kinds of materials and accessories: boxes, shelves, cases, protectors, gloves, padlocks, etc.

Our catalogue of specific packing materials is huge! Make your order!

Key holding

You can leave us the keys to your storage unit if you are leaving and you need that someone authorized by you  accesses your storage unit or if there are several people in your company that will be accessing your storage unit or mini warehouse.

Mail reception

If you are planning to be out of town for a while or wish to have a regular spot to collect your mail, you can count on Central Trasteros to collect your mail and empty your mailbox at home or in your office.

Professional logistic advice

Tell us what you need and we will advise you about what the best option is to store or transport your goods or even to plan your move if you need.

Pick up and delivery of packages

Mondial Relay Punto Pack available in our centers of Via Augusta and Lesseps. No waiting, with extended schedules and guaranteed safety.

Document management.

Destroy professionally on site your confidential documents with certified quality.

Areas of co-working

if you need to locate your office, our partners provide shared, professional spaces in which you will find all the amenities of a big office at the best price.

If you think that you may need any other services related to our business that are not listed here, we can provide them, with a previous study with you. Let's talk!

You know... We're here to help!

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